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I've vilified you for years and years. I lost every shred of respect for you the day you screwed me over the way he did. The fact that nearly everyone who dealt you on a nearly daily basis has an at best estranged relationship with you and has no respect for you says it all about the quality of a person you are. I sincerely hope you have changed since we last dealt with each other


But he gave me an opportunity. An invaluable opportunity. An opportunity that my foolish and immature self would have thrown away had I been anywhere else. But for some reason he didn't let me. I don't know where I would be right now without the opportunity he provided me. I can say confidently with a 100% certainty I would not be where I am now without it.

So while I never want to have anything to do with you for the remainder of my life and hope I never have to see you again, I still have to thank you. I am where I am today at least partially because of you and while where I am is not perfect, it's hard to imagine me having a significantly better quality of life in a different situation in life.



Bad and evil situations and people will come in to your life, and they will come in to your life for a reason. They are there to shape your life and we need those bad and evil situations to become the person we are.


I've met numerous horrible people in my life and have had many horrible situations to deal with. Every single one of those people have provided a life lesson. It's helped mold me in to the man that I am today. While I can by no means be called the model of what a man should be (if that is eve such a thing), I like to think that I've used all these situations and people to become closer to that.

In every bad situation and person there is always a positive. While in your darkest of days it may seem like no positive exists, it's there. You may be too foolish, too immature, too naive, etc. to see it, but trust me it's there. Please take the time to reflect on them and turn them into a positive instead of always using them negatively.

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